November 17, 2023  

Imagine If Donald Trump Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Putin The Way Democrats Did For Xi

If Donald Trump were the covert Kremlin agent Democrats made him out to be, he might have given Pres ...View More

America’s Place in the March for Israel

At Tuesday’s pro-Israel rally in Washington, D.C., thousands praised the Biden Administration’s supp ...View More

Trump’s New York Civil Case Is A Brazen Declaration Of Lawfare

Former President Trump, his sons, and his companies are sitting on trial in a case filed by New York ...View More

Separation of Church and State Is Fake—Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Johnson is only a few weeks into his new job and already blundering. The Louisiana Baptist was  ...View More

The Left Wants Your Kids Online

The mainstream media recently purported to report a “story” when an old video emerged in which House ...View More

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