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WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich Detained in Russian Prison Six Months Later

As of September 29, Evan Gershkovich, a reporter with the Wall Street Journal, has been detained in  ...View More

Almost all of Nagorno-Karabakh's people have left, Armenia's government says

YEREVAN, Armenia — An ethnic Armenian exodus has nearly emptied Nagorno-Karabakh of residents since  ...View More

Maldivians vote in a runoff presidential election that will decide whether India or China holds sway

MALE, Maldives — Maldivians voted Saturday in a runoff presidential election that has turned into a  ...View More

Putin marks anniversary of annexation of Ukrainian regions as drones attack overnight

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday insisted that the residents of four Ukr ...View More

Married pilot snorts cocaine off topless woman in booze-fueled romp before flight: report

A British Airways pilot was suspended and eventually fired after he was reported for drinking and us ...View More

Slovakia election pits a pro-Russia former prime minister against a liberal pro-West newcomer

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Voters in Slovakia cast ballots Saturday in an early parliamentary election t ...View More

Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk seeks to boost his election chances with a rally in Warsaw

WARSAW, Poland — Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk is facing an uphill battle to win new hearts i ...View More

Russia Hosts Taliban at “Regional Threat” Talks and Affirms Support for Kabul

Oleksii Liskonih/iStock/Getty Images Plus The Taliban may be a pariah to  ...View More

Acting Spanish PM gets second chance at power as conservatives struggle to set up new government

Spain’s acting center-left Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez lost July’s national election but now has a  ...View More

Spanish Court Rules Software Mogul John McAfee Died by Suicide

The legal inquiry surrounding the demise of tech pioneer John McAfee reached its conclusion as a Spa ...View More

Eswatini, one of the world's last monarchies, holds largely ceremonial elections

Eswatini, one of the last remaining absolute monarchies in the world, held its parliamentary electio ...View More

Nighttime shooting attack at Mexican hospital leaves 4 dead, including doctor

A nighttime shooting attack on a hospital in northern Mexico has left four people dead, including a  ...View More

Taliban government to cease operations at Afghan Embassy in India's capital

India’s External Affairs Ministry is examining a letter from the Afghan Embassy that says it plans t ...View More

Liverpool-area bus wreck kills driver, 14-year-old girl

A bus carrying dozens of schoolchildren overturned on a highway near the English city of Liverpool o ...View More

RT Surges in Popularity After Musk Removes Censorship on X On September 26, NewsGuard, a self-declared disinforma ...View More

As Paris Olympics approach, French authorities launch efforts to eradicate bedbugs

With the Paris Olympics less than a year away, French authorities want to make sure the bedbugs don' ...View More

Shocking moment girl, 17, is left to die outside hospital after ‘dodgy doctor gave patient fatal injection’ in Ghiror

THIS is the shocking moment a 17-year-old girl was left to die after her family claimed she was give ...View More

Islamic extremist attack in western Niger kills nearly a dozen soldiers amidst worsening security landscape

A violent assault, masterminded by Islamic extremists in western Niger, resulted in the tragic loss  ...View More

Hungary's Orban casts doubt on European Union accession talks for Ukraine

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán cast doubt Friday on the prospect of the E ...View More

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