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Germany falling: Europe’s problems become America’s problems

The “Kissinger question” may never have been asked. The popular story goes that when Henry Kissinger ...View More

Pay to park

Don’t you hate it when things are in places they aren’t supposed to be? Bikers on car roads, 80-yea ...View More

Your electric vehicle is lying to you

When Michael Puglia first bought his Ford F-150 Lightning in July, he loved it. “It’s unbelievably f ...View More

Richest Owner In Baseball Is Acting Like A Broke Bum, Refusing To Spend To Replace Injured Star Kodai Senga

The New York Mets’ general manager David Stearns claimed the team won’t be looking to replace injure ...View More

Lindsay Lohan Is So Totally Back In The Trailer For Her New Movie ‘Irish Wish’ I Can’t Even Contain My Excitement

Every Millennial woman in the world will let out a collective scream at the trailer for “Irish Wi ...View More

This Utterly Mind-Blowingly Horrifying Video Of A Tornado Looks Fake. It’s Not.

AccuWeather shared a video Wednesday of a tornado in Indonesia, and it literally looks like somet ...View More

The Problem for Newsom’s Aspirations: California’s Impending $73 Billion Fiscal Disaster

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is always focused on how he can ascend upward. That was true back when  ...View More

Democrats are promoting ‘climate anxiety’ for their own benefit

Democrats are trying to terrorize children and young adults into a perpetual state of fear over clim ...View More

PIERCE: Democrats’ Migrant Crisis Is A Betrayal Of Black Americans

As a former Democrat who has witnessed the erosion of promises and the abandonment of principles, I  ...View More

Alabama’s Mohamed Wague Blasts Florida’s Alex Condon With Incredibly Dirty And Vicious Elbow (And A Knee At That)

What the hell, Mohamed? The Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide squared off in a Wednesday n ...View More

Just Expanded To 12 Teams, The College Football Playoff Is Already Looking To Extend That Number To 14: REPORT

I was cool with 12 … but I’m fine with two more.Just recently being expanded to 12 teams, the Colleg ...View More

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