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Jair Bolsonaro may have left Brazil for Florida, officials say

SAO PAULO — The office of Brazil’s vice president says he has become acting president, an indication ...View More

Report: 'Human error' helped spur wrong ballots in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nashville election officials made erroneous updates to voter lists for last month ...View More

Divisive social media star Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania — Andrew Tate, a divisive social media personality and former professional kickbo ...View More

Stocks Stumble to End 'Miserable' 2022 -- Wall Street Sees Worst Annual Drop Since 2008

(AFP) Stock markets were wrapping up their worst performances in years on Friday before heading into ...View More

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago Will End 2022 with at Least 723 Homicides

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago will end 2022 with the tragic figure of at least 723 murders for  ...View More

Democrats Sour on Pete Buttigieg over Airlines Fiasco

Left-leaning Democrats have soured on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in response to the mas ...View More

Twitter Files: Censor-Happy Executives Used Tools to Suppress Breitbart News

The latest installment of the Twitter Files reveals that the censorship-loving leftists running the  ...View More

Twitter Files: Executives Met with Federal Agencies Amid Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal, Allowed FBI to Report Tweets

Elon Musk’s Twitter released another batch of internal discussions on Friday, which revealed that ex ...View More

Twitter Files: Executives Were Looking for Any Excuse to Ban President Donald Trump

Elon Musk’s Twitter released another batch of internal discussions on Friday night, which revealed t ...View More

Dershowitz Warns Against Reducing Independence of Israeli Supreme Court

Alan Dershowitz, a prominent U.S. lawyer, urged the incoming Israeli government coalition to reconsi ...View More

Two blasts reported at Russian bases for strategic bombers far from Ukraine border

Two major explosions were reported deep inside Russia at military bases housing nuclear-capable bomb ...View More

Troops on Stand-By as UK Prepares for Public Sector Strikes Ahead of Christmas

The UK government has put hundreds of soldiers on stand-by to cover for ambulance crews, firefighter ...View More

Critics Call Oxford 100-Day City Centre Car Limit a ‘Climate Lockdown by Default’

A trial to stop most drivers in Oxford from using busy city routes at peak times has been approved b ...View More

State Attorneys General Say FedEx and UPS Help Feds Track Gun Sales

New shipping policies seen as attempt to 'bypass warrant requirements' and create gun registryMontan ...View More

Death of Former CCP Leader Signifies End of ‘Horrific Era’: Rights Advocate

While held at a Chinese labor camp, Henry Yue was forced to wind metal coils used in television sets ...View More

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