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AI against humanity: Gemini is warm to depopulation and cannibalism

Some folks are worried about artificial intelligence being too woke. Count me among a different cro ...View More

Kristi Noem suggests five qualifications for being Trump’s vice president

Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) did little to settle speculation over whether she could be former President  ...View More

Gun Owners of America announces ‘premiere’ Second Amendment convention

The pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America announced Thursday their first-ever summit to b ...View More

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Cop Files Lawsuit Claiming 'Disability' Over Not Speaking English

An illegal alien who is accused of killing a police officer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit ...View More

Sylvester Stallone latest to leave California for Florida

Actor Sylvester Stallone will be moving to Florida after decades of living in California with his w ...View More

Germany falling: Europe’s problems become America’s problems

The “Kissinger question” may never have been asked. The popular story goes that when Henry Kissinger ...View More

Pay to park

Don’t you hate it when things are in places they aren’t supposed to be? Bikers on car roads, 80-yea ...View More

Your electric vehicle is lying to you

When Michael Puglia first bought his Ford F-150 Lightning in July, he loved it. “It’s unbelievably f ...View More

There's An Alarming Amount of Chinese Migrants Being Apprehended at the Southern Border

Hundreds of illegal Chinese migrants were apprehended at the southern border this week, resulti ...View More

Speaker Johnson Responds to Biden's Executive Order News

House Speaker Mike Johnson is responding to news President Joe Biden may finally use his executive a ...View More

New York sheriffs have ride-along with southern border officials

(NewsNation) — Law enforcement members from upstate New York are visiting the southern border asking ...View More

'Blood everywhere': Man stabs fellow passenger with makeshift weapon during Alaska Airlines flight because 'mafia' was chasing him

A man aboard a recent Alaska Airlines flight constructed a makeshift weapon to stab a fellow passeng ...View More

Lara Trump Reveals What She’d Do As RNC Co-Chair

At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor (a census-designated place ...View More

Man holds at gunpoint suspected car thief until cops arrive; sources say he chased down suspect

A man chased down a suspected car thief last week in Maui and held her at gunpoint until police arri ...View More

Violent Minnesota felon arrested in brutal murder of Los Angeles model who was found tortured, stuffed inside refrigerator

A Minnesota man — with a lengthy and violent criminal record — has been arrested in connection with  ...View More

Ann Coulter apparently does have ‘special powers’

It’s confirmed. Ann Coulter does have special powers.  That’s the latest development after the  ...View More

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