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If Not Mitch, Then Who?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]If McConnell can’t intervene to keep unelectable Republi ...View More

Vladimir Rumyantsev, a Russian to Know

[unable to retrieve full-text content]An ordinary man — extraordinary at the same time — ...View More

Does ‘Diversity’ Really Enhance Diversity?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]It would be much better to evaluate people based on their indi ...View More

TGP’s Joe Hoft on the Mel K Show Describes New Information on How Corrupt Dems Are Dropping Ballots in Elections

TGP's Joe Hoft on the Mel K Show Describes New Information on How Corrupt Dems Are Droppin ...View More

Passing the Torch

Democrats have to give up their phony investigations as they hand the t ...View More

FBI Explicitly Warned Twitter Of ‘Hack’ Involving Hunter Biden Before Story Was Censored

The FBI explicitly warned Twitter about a potential “hack-and-leak” operation involving Hunter  ...View More

Can The Republican Party Be Saved?

In a gesture that only the truly cynical could fully appreciate, the chairperson of the Republi ...View More

FBI warned Twitter of Hunter Biden ‘hack-and-leak operation’ before 2020 expose was censored

The FBI warned Twitter during weekly meetings prior to the 2020 election that the social media giant ...View More

NYU Economist Warns of ‘Unavoidable’ Global ‘Crash’ in Soros-Funded Outlet

A piece published in a major liberal publication funded by leftist billionaire George Soros is proje ...View More

From Plummeting Test Scores to Woke Curriculums, Ben Carson Addresses America’s ‘Crisis in Classroom’

There’s a “crisis in the classroom,” and American children are paying the price, say Armstrong Willi ...View More

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