White House Fires Back at Senator Kennedy’s IQ Jab at Kamala Harris

White House Fires Back at Senator Kennedy’s IQ Jab at Kamala Harris

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) blasted the Biden administration’s foreign and domestic policies in an interview with Fox News’ Martha McCullum on Tuesday.

The Senator, known for his wit, common sense, and humorous expressions, was asked to reply to America’s open southern border and the potential for increased terrorist activity in the United States.

Kennedy prefaced his reply by noting that his response was based on polling and what he believed was the sentiment of the majority of Americans. Kennedy stated:

“America has concluded that President Biden is old—that he needs soup and an early bedtime. And Americans have concluded that Vice President Kamala Harris is not capable…that when her IQ gets to 75 she should sell…Americans are pretty disgusted.”

Kennedy’s repudiation of Biden’s policies angered Democrats, but his comments on Harris’ intelligence enraged White House officials. Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates and Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison responded on X.

Bates wrote: “Shameful and undignified comments like these from [Kennedy] start a fire sale on one’s credibility.”

Harrison wrote condescendingly, “Bless his heart.  [G]uess Senator Foghorn is a bit upset that our VP has done more for the working families of Louisiana than he has done over the entirety of his unproductive Senate career.”

Fox News reported that in a Sunday interview on CNN, Harris responded to sinking poll numbers for her and Biden, and recent surveys showing Democrats would lose the White House in a rematch against Trump if the election were held today.

During the interview, Harris said: “It is absolutely right in a democracy with free and fair elections that the candidates, the people who want to continue in leadership have to make their case and have to make it effectively. And that means communicating in such a way that the message is received about the accomplishments and what we care about.”

Harris did not elaborate on what the administration’s “accomplishments” were.

Kennedy has been unwavering in his negative assessment of Biden administration initiatives. During his Tuesday interview on Fox, Kennedy accused the president of embracing “neo-socialist, woke wing, loon wing” policies. “I mean, just look around,” he said. “The American people might be poorer under President Biden, but they’re not stupid.”

Kennedy added: “They see an open border. They experience inflation. They see rampant crime. The American people look around and see the world on fire — the war in Ukraine, the war in the Middle East, the embers smoldering in China — and they have concluded that, fair or unfair.”

Kennedy is known for his colloquialisms. He is noted for saying:

  • “Let me state the obvious. Illegal immigration is illegal, duh.”
  • “Our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots. I think most Americans are wondering how some folks up here made it through the birth canal.”
  • He said of the Senate, “It’s like a circus without a tent.”
  • On the veracity of testimony from anti-Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Kennedy said, “Jesus loves him, but everybody else thinks he’s an idiot.”
  • Of high gas prices he said: “In my state, the price of gas is so high that it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.”
  • Of then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Kennedy said she has a “Billy goat brain, mockingbird mouth.”
  • After Federal Judicial nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen testified he had never tried a jury, civil, criminal, or bench trial in State or Federal court, Kennedy exclaimed, “Just because you’ve seen My Cousin Vinny doesn’t qualify you to be a federal judge.”

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