NHL goalie's custom mask raises $35,100 for indigenous community

NHL goalie's custom mask raises $35,100 for indigenous community

Minnesota Wild goalie and three-time Stanley Cup champion Marc-Andre Fleury raised $35,100 for indigenous people when his custom goalie mask sold at auction.

Fleury, 39, wore the Dakota-inspired mask, which was created by Dakota artist and Prairie Island Indian Community member Cole Redhorse Taylor during warm-ups prior to the Wild's Nov. 24 game against the Colorado Avalanche, according to a report.


That night represented the team's "Native American Heritage Night," and Fleury's mask was worn to honor indigenous communities, including that of his wife, Veronique, who has Abenaki and Mi'kmaq heritage.

Along with Redhorse Taylor, a well-known Minnesota artist, the goalie helped design the mask, which features wild rice and waterlilies, the report noted.

"For the mask, since flowers have a traditional significance in our aesthetics and material culture, I used a floral design," Redhorse Taylor said.

"Afterwards, I learned Marc-Andre's nickname is 'Flower,' which I think made it the perfect symbol for him to wear," he added. "As a community, we are so thankful he wore the mask and that it brought so much attention to our Native people and the adversities we face in this country."

Along with the custom mask, Native American-themed jerseys and a hand-beaded Wild necklace designed by Redhorse Taylor were also sold at auction and raised the total amount raised to $66,605, the report noted.

Proceeds from the items' sale went toward the American Indian Family Center and the Minnesota Wild Foundation.


"We are so thankful to Mr. Fleury for wearing this beautiful mask designed by Cole in celebration of indigenous people," Prairie Island Indian Community Tribal Council President Johnny Johnson said. "As a symbol of our appreciation, it is only right that we gave back in support of a charity that is near and dear to Marc and Veronique's hearts."

He added: "The Prairie Island Indian Community and Treasure Island Resort & Casino have partnered with the Minnesota Wild on community giving initiatives for many years, and we're proud to see that relationship is still growing."

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