Watch: 'Dishonest' Chris Cuomo gets 'absolutely bodied' by Dave Smith in ivermectin debate when libertarian brings receipts

Watch: 'Dishonest' Chris Cuomo gets 'absolutely bodied' by Dave Smith in ivermectin debate when libertarian brings receipts
By: Blaze Media Posted On: June 01, 2024 View: 12

Comedian and libertarian political commentator Dave Smith teed off on former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo during a wide-ranging debate, including on lockdowns, ivermectin, and the conviction of former President Donald Trump.

The two political commentators squared off during a debate hosted by Patrick Bet-David – the founder of Valuetainment.

Referencing the attacks on Joe Rogan for using ivermectin, Cuomo claimed that he "didn't like what people did" to the prolific podcaster.

Smith immediately fired back, "You did it. No, no. You did."

The audience laughed, and Cuomo responded, "No. No."

After Smith rebutted him, Cuomo challenged him to "find the clips."

You're being so dishonest right now.

Within seconds, there was a video clip from CNN recorded during the pandemic, in which Cuomo is seen shaming the use of ivermectin right after Rogan infamously admitted that he was taking the anti-parasitic drug approved for humans in 1987 that has "saved lives and improved the welfare of billions of people."

The clip shows both Cuomo and Don Lemon when they were still employed at CNN.

Lemon began by saying, "People who are getting, injecting, drugs for animals and horses – oh my God."

Cuomo interjected, "And people telling them to! What person – you know you talk about cancel culture and who to shame – ivermectin? A dewormer? Really? … they need to be shamed. They need to be called out and shamed, brother."

The audience booed Cuomo after the video clip played.

Smith blasted Cuomo, "You're being so dishonest right now."

Smith questioned Cuomo, "So you're taking a dewormer right now? Do you want to apologize for that?"

Last month, Cuomo confessed that he had long COVID and it could have been caused by the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

As Blaze News previously reported, Cuomo told Bet-David of COVID-19 vaccine side effects, "Do I now believe that we have data to support the fact that there are thousands of people who have adverse effects, that are not getting attention let alone treatment? Yes, and I fault government for that. I do not fault myself for telling people at the time what the government was giving us as best practices."

The News Nation anchor also admitted that he was taking ivermectin.

"I'll tell you something else that's going to get you a lot of hits. I am taking a ... regular dose, you know whatever, of ivermectin. Ivermectin was a boogeyman early on in COVID," Cuomo said. "That was wrong. We were given bad information about ivermectin. The real question is, 'Why?'"

Cuomo continued, "Everyone is going to say, 'Joe Rogan was right.' No, Joe Rogan was saying — yeah, he was right, but that's not what matters. What matters is the entire clinical community knew that ivermectin couldn't hurt you. They knew it, Patrick. I know they knew it. How do I know it?" Because now I am doing nothing but talking to these clinicians who at the time were overwhelmed by COVID, and they weren't saying anything, not that they were hiding anything. But it's cheap, it's not owned by anybody, and it's used as anti-microbial, anti-viral in all these different ways and has been for a long time."

Smith recounted when CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on "The Joe Rogan Experience" in October 2021. When pressed by Rogan, Gupta admitted that his fellow CNN colleagues "shouldn't have said" that he was taking horse dewormer.

There were several occasions when CNN personalities accused Rogan of taking "horse dewormer."

Top X social media platform creator Collin Rugg posted a video of the exchange with the caption: "Chris Cuomo gets absolutely bodied after he says he 'didn't like what people did to Joe Rogan' when he came out in support of ivermectin."

Smith demanded Cuomo to apologize to Rogan.

Regarding Cuomo's flip-flop on ivermectin use after attacking Rogan for taking it, Smith told the former CNN anchor, "You were smearing him [Rogan] for saying that. You literally said, 'He's taking horse dewormer. He should be ashamed of himself.' You pleaded with your audience to not take it [ivermectin]."

Smith scolded Cuomo, "How do you not apologize to Joe Rogan?"

The crowd also chimed in to demand Cuomo apologize to Rogan.

Smith – a member of the Mises Caucus of the Libertarian Party – also nailed Cuomo for claiming that the draconian lockdowns during the pandemic were not totalitarian.

"When you’re waking up every morning to watch your TV to find out from your governor what you’re allowed to do today, including am I allowed to go to work, am I allowed to have a funeral for my father, am I allowed to see my family, am I allowed to step outside without a cover on my face – there is one word and one word only for that, and that is totalitarianism," Smith declared.

Smith called out Cuomo and the rest of the legacy media for falsely accusing Trump of colluding with Russia.

"You guys were repeating mindlessly every day that there was some giant conspiracy with Trump and Russia and leading the entire country to believe that our election had been stolen by a hostile foreign power," Smith stated.

Smith said of "Russiagate," "The whole thing was complete nonsense just to frame Donald Trump so he couldn't get his agenda through, and CNN ran with it every single day – unquestioning."

Smith and Cuomo did agree that Trump should not have been convicted of felony counts in his hush money trial.

"This was a misdemeanor that was trumped up to felonies. To call it 34 counts is laughable because the 34 counts are different checks that were signed to pay back Cohen," Cuomo proclaimed. "This district attorney has no problem knocking down significant felonies to misdemeanors – he did it 70% of the time."

He added, "You don't make this case against anybody else," and that is brought "for the wrong reasons."

Cuomo said the conviction "emboldens his case that everything that happens in America is corrupt," which he described as a "tragedy."

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On Saturday, Smith tweeted about the debate: "The response to last night’s debate with Cuomo has been unbelievable. I know I was speaking for a lot of people and I’m glad so many of you thought I did a good job."

You can watch the entire Chris Cuomo versus Dave Smith debate below.

Chris Cuomo vs Dave Smith Debate: COVID 19, Mandates & Trump's Guilty Verdict | PBD Podcast | Ep

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