Bill Maher Rips Left-Wing Outrage Over ‘Appeal To Heaven’ Flag

Bill Maher Rips Left-Wing Outrage Over ‘Appeal To Heaven’ Flag
By: Daily Wire Posted On: June 01, 2024 View: 14

Comedian Bill Maher ripped Left-wing backlash to the “Appeal to Heaven” flag after The New York Times used it to attack Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito by claiming that he flew the flag and that it was linked to the January 6 riot.

Alito responded in a lengthy statement to the pressure campaign, launched by Democrat senators, to get him to recuse himself from cases involving former President Donald Trump by noting that his wife flew the flag, not him, and that they are not linked to any kind of extreme groups.

“I find out now, because you never get the full story from the first day or from only one source, this flag flies a lot of places,” Maher said. “They’re saying Alito flew it as … a dog whistle to the Stop The Steal people, to MAGA nation, that this is their flag now, it means that we don’t believe the election was fair, but it was flying over the City Hall in San Francisco for 60 years.”


Maher then noted that the city of San Francisco has since ordered the flag to be removed from outside city hall.

“And now, because of this flap, Mayor London Breed there has ordered the flag to be removed,” he said. “I’ve seen the American flag, yes, the American flag trashed by people who think that is somehow owned by MAGA now. Nobody owns these flags, nobody owns patriotism. I think it’s a very bad thing for San Francisco to take this down and say, okay, that’s you now. No, it’s not. Why? George Washington flew this flag. They own George Washington now?”

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