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UN Chief: World Needs to ‘Wake Up,’ Heading Into ‘Wider War’

The head of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, warned on Feb. 6 that the world may be on the brin ...View More

House Financial Services Committee to Hold Hearing on Chinese Regime’s Economic and Geopolitical Threat

As the world’s attention shifts heavily to Beijing’s role in the world in the aftermath of the shoot ...View More

Major Textile Factory in Haiti to Close Plant, Lay Off 3,500

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—One of Haiti’s biggest textile factories announced that it is closing an assem ...View More

Dershowitz Warns Against Reducing Independence of Israeli Supreme Court

Alan Dershowitz, a prominent U.S. lawyer, urged the incoming Israeli government coalition to reconsi ...View More

Troops on Stand-By as UK Prepares for Public Sector Strikes Ahead of Christmas

The UK government has put hundreds of soldiers on stand-by to cover for ambulance crews, firefighter ...View More

Critics Call Oxford 100-Day City Centre Car Limit a ‘Climate Lockdown by Default’

A trial to stop most drivers in Oxford from using busy city routes at peak times has been approved b ...View More

11 Sentenced to Death Over Conservationist’s Murder in Tanzania

South African conservationist Wayne Lotter in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on Jan. 14, 2017. (Dan ...View More

Mexican Police Find 660 Pounds of Fentanyl in Coconuts

Coconuts filled with fentanyl seized by Mexican authorities in Puerto Libertad, Mexico, on De ...View More

US Adds 4 Terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan to Its List of Global Terrorists

ISLAMABAD—The United States has added four top Islamic terrorists operating in Afghanistan and Pakis ...View More

Albanians Should Be Barred From Claiming Asylum in UK: Minister

Albanians should be barred from claiming asylum in the UK as they are coming from a “demonstrably sa ...View More

Indonesia Proposes Law Criminalizing Sex, Cohabitation Before Marriage

Indonesia has proposed a new criminal law that will penalize pre-marital sex and cohabitation betwee ...View More

Alberta’s Sovereignty Bill Will Be Amended to Clarify Process, Says Premier Danielle Smith

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said amendments will be made to her province’s new sovereignty bill a ...View More

Former Train Network CEO Charged After IBAC Corruption Probe

Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog has charged seven people with offences, including the former V/L ...View More

Messi Scores, Argentina Reaches World Cup Quarterfinals

AL RAYYAN, Qatar—Lionel Messi was pushed into the middle of a joyous post-match huddle as Argentina’ ...View More

Sylvain Charlebois: Let’s Talk Turkey About Avian Flu

If you plan to serve turkey dinner at Christmas, it’s better to buy the bird nowCommentary Avian flu ...View More

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