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Stop the Attacks Against Peaceful, Pro-Life Americans

In the five months since someone leaked a draft majority opinion by the Supreme Court overturning R ...View More

You Think Martha’s Vineyard Had It Rough? These 6 Border Towns Highlight Border Crisis

The 24-hour drop-off in Martha’s Vineyard of about 50 illegal immigrants was treated as a crisis by  ...View More

‘Stigma’ Prevented California Health Officials From Closing Bathhouses Amid Monkeypox Spread 

San Francisco and California state health officials knew monkeypox was spreading through gay or bise ...View More

Ford Heir Objects to Catholic Pro-Life Signs

Posted On October 3, 2022 CV NEWS FEED // Edsel B. Ford I ...View More

Like a Category 5 Hurricane, Kamala Harris is a Threat to All in Her Path

Vice President Kamala Harris is proving to be the perfect complement to Joe Biden. She mangles what ...View More

POLL: Grocery Prices Are Pushing Americans To Vote

Posted On October 3, 2022 More than 68% of likely general  ...View More

Railroad Strike Threat Shows How Unions’ Rigid Rules Often Hurt Workers

Bound by the terms of a pre-COVID-19 pandemic contract, railroad workers have felt overworked and un ...View More

Kamala Harris Remains True to Doctrine of Unequal Treatment?

How is it that equity, a doctrine that tells government and the private sector to treat Americans di ...View More

Vermont High School Under Fire as Girls, Parents Push Back Against Biologically Male Trans Student Using Female Locker Room

Two Vermont high school girls did what few of their peers have dared: When a biological boy who iden ...View More

The High Cost of Getting High

Posted On October 2, 2022 A new poll shows man ...View More

MORENO: Biden Should Revive The One-Term Tradition

Posted On October 1, 2022 The easiest way for President Jo ...View More

Dr Oz Closes In On Fetterman In Pennsylvania Senate Race: POLL

Posted On September 30, 2022 Republican candidate Dr. Mehm ...View More

Nowhere Left to Hide: Neither White House Nor Common Man Can Evade Recession Data

Newly released data from the Commerce Department show what some people have been saying for months:  ...View More

‘Did He Just Shoot Me?’ 84-Year-Old Woman Shot While Canvassing On Abortion Speaks Out

Eighty-four-year old Joan Jacobson never imagined she would be shot when she knocked on the door of  ...View More

Biden Should Hold Iran’s Regime Accountable for Repression

Widespread protests continue to erupt in Iran following the Sept. 16 death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year ...View More

NASA Scores Bullseye on Asteroid With Unusual Mission

Posted On September 28, 2022 NASA successfully conducted  ...View More

FBI Arrest of Pro-Life Catholic Dad Ignites Firestorm of Blowback

CV NEWS FEED // Since a large SWAT team arrested a pro-life Catholic leader at his Pennsylvania home ...View More

FBI, Justice Department Twist Federal Law to Arrest, Charge Pro-Life Activist

In an early morning raid Friday in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, about two dozen FBI agents with weap ...View More

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