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Almost all of Nagorno-Karabakh's people have left, Armenia's government says

YEREVAN, Armenia — An ethnic Armenian exodus has nearly emptied Nagorno-Karabakh of residents since  ...View More

Maldivians vote in a runoff presidential election that will decide whether India or China holds sway

MALE, Maldives — Maldivians voted Saturday in a runoff presidential election that has turned into a  ...View More

Putin marks anniversary of annexation of Ukrainian regions as drones attack overnight

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday insisted that the residents of four Ukr ...View More

Slovakia election pits a pro-Russia former prime minister against a liberal pro-West newcomer

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Voters in Slovakia cast ballots Saturday in an early parliamentary election t ...View More

Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk seeks to boost his election chances with a rally in Warsaw

WARSAW, Poland — Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk is facing an uphill battle to win new hearts i ...View More

Hungary's Orban casts doubt on European Union accession talks for Ukraine

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán cast doubt Friday on the prospect of the E ...View More

Traveling with Milley: A reporter recalls how America's top soldier was most at home with his troops

STE MERE EGLISE, France — The soldier had target fixation. He had three beers in hand, a full day of ...View More

Pentagon reviewing reported links between senior official and Iranian government

The Pentagon is taking a second look into allegations that one of its senior officials was part of a ...View More

Sweden says the military will help the police with some duties as gang violence escalates

STOCKHOLM — Sweden’s prime minister said Friday that the military will soon assist the police with s ...View More

Rotterdam hospital official says questions were raised over alleged gunman's mental state

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — A medical student accused of killing three people in shootings at an a ...View More

The leader of Spain's conservatives makes a 2nd bid to become prime minister

MADRID (AP) — The leader of Spain’s conservatives tried for the second time in three days to get par ...View More

Swiss indict daughter of former Uzbek president in bribery, money laundering case involving millions

GENEVA — Swiss federal prosecutors have indicted the daughter of a former president of Uzbekistan on ...View More

Leaders of European Union's Mediterranean nations huddle in Malta to discuss migration

VALLETTA, Malta (AP) — The leaders of nine southern European Union countries were meeting in Malta o ...View More

Dozens dead after blast in southwestern Pakistan at a rally celebrating birthday of Islam's prophet

QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — A powerful bomb exploded in a crowd of people celebrating the Prophet Muhamm ...View More

Marcos says Philippines is not looking for trouble but will defend waters against Chinese aggression

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine president said Friday that his country does not want a con ...View More

U.S. quietly acknowledges Iran satellite successfully reached orbit as tensions remain high

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United States has quietly acknowledged that Iran’s paramilita ...View More

Brazil's President Lula enters a hospital to undergo hip replacement surgery

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was admitted to a hospital Friday to  ...View More

New Greek opposition leader says he will take a break from politics to do his military service

ATHENS, Greece — Just a few days after being elected the new leader of Greece’s left-wing main oppos ...View More

Biden repeats long-debunked claim that he traveled 17,000 miles with China's president

President Biden on Thursday repeated a long-debunked claim while giving a speech in Arizona on democ ...View More

Taiwan unveils first home-built sub in technological feat

SEOUL, South Korea — Taiwan on Thursday officially unveiled its first domestically built submarine,  ...View More

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