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Report: Latest US Employment Numbers May Signal Withering Economy

After several months with a high number of job openings in the market, the Labor Department announce ...View More

Solomon: Musk Is Playing Snakes and Ladders and the Losers Will Keep On Losing

I was never really into board games as a kid, but, for whatever reason, my mom liked Snakes and Ladd ...View More

Watch: Hosts of 'The View' Can't Hide Their Disgust After Hearing Who Trump's 2024 Running Mate Might Be

Imagine a room full of wealthy, privileged people groaning at the notion that a successful female po ...View More

Texas Officials Sound the Alarm as Human Smugglers Take to the Sky with New Tactic: 'Who Is Involved with This?

In the past 33 days, the Texas Department of Public Safety has stopped three airplanes in the Rio Gr ...View More

Trump Raid Special Master Made a Request So Absurd that the Judge Ruled to Outright Reject it

On Sept. 22, the special master appointed to oversee the more than 11,000 documents seized during th ...View More

Video: Remember the Time Bill Gates Put 'Green' Energy in the Hot Seat?

The green sounds so future — and so close. California’s banning the sale of new electric cars by 203 ...View More

7 Words that Will Break Your Heart - One Boy's Journey to Help Victims of Ian

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Although they’re not recorded in the Gospels, Luke tel ...View More

Report: Historical Levels of Fraud - How $600B Was Snatched from American Pockets in Almost 3 Years

Fraudulent looting of coronavirus relief programs may amount to the most expensive waste of taxpayer ...View More

Senator's Campaign Ad Takes It to Cop-Haters: 'The Next Time You Get in Trouble, Call a Crackhead'

Ever since the Black Lives Matter-led 2020 “summer of love” — an incredible amount of death and dest ...View More

Obama's Half-Brother Goes Full MAGA - Announces Endorsement for GOP Candidate

Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano has received the endorsement of forme ...View More

High School Girls Volleyball Team Banned from Their Own Locker Room After 'Conflict' with Transgender Teammate

At Vermont’s Randolph High School, the girls’ locker room is reportedly now off-limits to the girls  ...View More

Joseph: Don't Let the Democrats Distract You from Their Abysmal Failures

In the constitutional republic of the United States of America, truth is not ascertained or defined  ...View More

Op-Ed: Americans Are Rejecting Woke Hollywood - We Must Provide a Better Alternative

This year, Pixar released “Lightyear,” a movie that should have been a surefire hit. It was the fift ...View More

Op-Ed: Would the Real Radical Please Stand Up?

In a swanky Washington mansion this week, President Joe Biden warned big-dollar donors about Italy’s ...View More

School Caves After People Feel 'Uncomfortable and Unwelcome,' Will No Longer Allow Flag to Be Carried Onto Field

A high school in Santa Clarita, California, will no longer allow its football team to carry the “thi ...View More

Officer Follows His Instincts and Saves Autistic Boy Drowning at Bottom of Pond

On Thursday morning, an officer in Independence, Missouri, proved his mettle after following his int ...View More

Tucker Carlson Shames Media, Dems for Using Hurricane Ian as Political Opportunity

If you’ve been anywhere near a television these past few days, you’ve doubtless seen it: As the horr ...View More

34-Year Democrat Goes Rogue, Abandons Party After Realizing Just How Bad Things Have Gotten

A Pennsylvania mother who had been registered Democrat for over thirty years has abandoned the party ...View More

Op-Ed: King Charles Takes Major Stand for Christian History as 'Defender of the Faith'

When King Charles III was announced as defender of the faith, I watched with relief. I know that may ...View More

Punk Points Pistol at Police Dog's Head; Rifle-Armed K-9 Handler Doesn't Give Him a Chance to Pull the Trigger

Body-worn camera video released by the Tucson Police Department shows SWAT team officers killing an  ...View More

Hallmark's 'Countdown to Christmas' Movie Lineup Is Finally Out, And Some People Aren't Happy About It

Few things say “Christmas is coming” like Hallmark announcing its staggering list of holiday content ...View More

Biden Rings 3 Florida Officials as Hurricane Ian Nears Shore, Misses the Most Important One of All

As Hurricane Ian whirled toward Florida, the Democratic president who invoked unity in his election  ...View More

Op-Ed: New Southern Baptist Official Vows to Continue Protection of Democratic Voters

Brent Leatherwood, former executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party, has been tapped to r ...View More

In 1861, the NYT Blasted 'The Woman King's' Barbaric Society and Rituals; 162 Years Later, NYT Sings Their Praises

Tears streamed down the faces of those present as Dagba “Lali” Eulalie belted out a song in her nati ...View More

30-Year Senate Democrat Could Be Unseated After Crushing Election News Surfaces

No matter how the legacy media tries to paint the upcoming midterm elections, it just isn’t a pretty ...View More

Best Buy and Home Depot Forced to Take Drastic In-Store Measures to 'Stop the Bleeding' Caused by Crime Surge

With the peak gift-giving season of the year just around the corner, big box retailers are respondin ...View More

Sweet, Glorious Justice - Final Conviction in Gang Murder of American Hero Has Been Decided

An American hero has finally received his justice. A seventh suspect has been sentenced in the killi ...View More

Prince Harry and Meghan Hoped to Live at Windsor Castle, Then the Queen Crushed Their Dreams: Report

A new book says Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, got less than they wanted when Queen Eli ...View More

Pollsters Are Terrified That They're Blowing the Midterms and Giving Democrats False Hope

Democrats were riding high this summer. The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade energiz ...View More

Gas Prices Start Rising Again Just in Time for Election, Skyrocket to Painful New Heights

Gasoline prices are rising, and the looming landfall of Hurricane Ian could drive them up even furth ...View More

Wind Farm Faces Shutdown as Parts Start Flying Off Turbines - Because It's Too Windy

Too much of a good thing is causing havoc at a Norwegian wind farm. Over the past two years, at leas ...View More

Kayleigh McEnany's 'Outnumbered' Cracks Top 20, Surpasses All CNN, MSNBC Shows

Fox News co-host Kayleigh McEnany’s program “Outnumbered” broke into the top 20 last week in viewers ...View More

Raining Snakes and Mice: Teacher Says He's 'Living the Dream' as Vermin Take Over Kentucky School

The current state of education is a topic on the minds of many parents, teachers and students — but  ...View More

Mainstream Media Launch Slanderous Mussolini Comparisons as Italy Stuns Europe by Electing Conservative Christian PM

Italian parliamentary elections Sunday produced the victory of a conservative coalition led by a par ...View More

Trump Keeping Close Eye on DeSantis, Has Reportedly Identified a Key Weakness

While the field is theoretically wide open, the presidential nomination for the GOP in 2024 thus far ...View More

3 Chimpanzees Kidnapped from Zoo, Held for 6-Figure Ransom - Never Seen Before

How could someone do this? Three chimpanzees are being held for ransom after they were stolen from a ...View More

Op-Ed: The Time for Christian Citizens to Act Is Now

I’ve asked my colleague, Gary Bauer, to write the following letter in these final days before the mi ...View More

Waitress Overjoyed to Receive $3K Tip on $13 Bill, Now Restaurant Is Suing Patron

A man is being sued by a pizza restaurant in Scranton, Pennsylvania, after he left a $3,000 tip in J ...View More

Watch: Trump Says the 9 Words Everyone Wanted to Hear - Met with Thunderous Applause

Former President Donald Trump drove a rally crowd wild when he spoke about the 2024 presidential ele ...View More

Op-Ed: As Liberals Target Religious University, the Prophet Elijah's Words Ring Clearer Than Ever

In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court recently lifted a temporary hold on a court order requiring  ...View More

Op-Ed: Practice the Shared Virtues of Jews and Christians and See How Richly God Blesses You

Soon, Jews around the world will begin celebrating the High Holy Days, the most sacred days on the J ...View More

President of Serbia Predicts Global Conflict on the Scale of World War II in a Matter of Months

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters on Tuesday that the world is “approaching a major  ...View More

Quiet Neighborhood Becomes Living Nightmare: 3 Dead After Attempting to Flee, Then the Fire Starts

Three people trying to flee from a house in suburban Chicago were shot to death early Friday in an i ...View More

Elon Musk Hits Iran Regime with Devastating News: Protesters Now Have Access to Top Technology

Elon Musk announced via Twitter on Friday he was activating his Starlink internet service Iran, wher ...View More

Two Suitcases Full of Body Parts and a Bloody Meat Cleaver: Horrific Scene Discovered in NYC Apartment

A 22-year-old woman was found dead on Wednesday after a security guard responded to a report of a fo ...View More

Breaking: AZ Abortion Ban from 1901 Upheld: Judge Kellie Johnson's Ruling Devastates Pro-Abortion Advocates

A Pima County judge cleared the way Friday for a 121-year-old near-total ban on abortion to go back  ...View More

Man Sues Lowe's Home Improvement After Shopping Trip Ends with Bloody Amputation

A South Carolina man is suing a home improvement store after an accident that resulted in the loss o ...View More

Fetterman's Hometown Paper Calls for Full Release of Cognitive Tests, Notes Questions About His 'Ability to Communicate'

As the midterm elections draw closer, some are raising concerns about the health of the Democratic c ...View More

Angry Wives of Border Patrol Agents Have Had Enough of Biden's Policy, Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

If President Joe Biden won’t let the Border Patrol fix the border crisis, maybe it’s time that their ...View More

Zuckerberg Just Can't Stop Losing - Meta Smacked Down in Another Massive Lawsuit

It seems like ever since big tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta, the comp ...View More

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