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We Finally Know What Greta Thunberg's Climate Agenda Is All About: Teen Activist Goes Off the Rails at Book Launch

Say whatever you will about Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, but at the very least, you coul ...View More

Pack of Coyotes Close in on Defenseless Livestock, Then a Lone Guardian Dog Appears

As any dog lover can tell you, the animal’s ferocious loyalty is one of its most endearing traits. T ...View More

Amazon Layoffs Just Got Way Worse - Fresh Batch of Workers Getting Bezos' Nasty Christmas Present: Report

It’s the holiday season under President Joe Biden’s U.S. economy, and these days, that means hard ti ...View More

Op-Ed: Pence for President? He Doesn't Have a Chance in 2024

When I heard that Mike Pence was considering a bid for the office of president, my first thought was ...View More

Op-Ed: Left's Abortion Language Exposes the Ugly Truth

During this election cycle, I watched an advertisement for my state attorney general, who was runnin ...View More

Somebody's Lying: Remember Why the Federal Election Commission Rejected Complaints About Twitter Censorship?

After the “Twitter Files” dropped on Friday evening, it’s become clear that someone is fibbing when  ...View More

Watch: Bone-Crunching College Football Hit Has Everyone Talking - Did Refs Miss a Targeting Call?

For any college football fan, the lead-up to the College Football Playoff is a magical time of year. ...View More

Musk Just Did It: Drops Bombshell Hunter Biden Laptop 'Twitter Files'

This story will be updated as “The Twitter Files” continue to release.  Elon Musk tweeted on Mo ...View More

Op-Ed: Obama Squandered a Golden Opportunity in Iran - Can a GOP Congress Now Take Action?

In November, both the U.S. and Israel held monumental elections. For America, it was the highly-cont ...View More

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Gives Eerie Reason for Delaying Funeral

The father of Idaho murder victim Kaylee Goncalves said he has a fear he cannot shake, and for that  ...View More

Joseph: Don't Fall for the 'Same-Sex Marriage' Scam

The trendy fabrication of so-called “same-sex marriage” is merely a pathetic mimicry of the honorabl ...View More

Op-Ed: Trans Movement Reaches Dangerous New Low in Its Slide Down the Slippery Slope

It’s well established that an unprecedented push is underway to allow men into women’s spaces, liter ...View More

Tragic Discovery Made in California Creek Bed One Day After Car Crashed Into Nearby Bridge

On Nov. 21, a 24-year-old man driving in San Luis Obispo, California, lost control of his vehicle an ...View More

69 Percent of Dems Agree Arizonans Were Denied Sacred Right to Vote, But That's Not the Most Surprising Part

A new poll finds 69 percent of Democrats surveyed believe that Arizonans were denied the “sacred rig ...View More

Watch: William and Kate Get True American Welcome at Boston Celtics Game - 'USA USA USA!'

The Prince and Princess of Wales were reminded of where they were when they attended a Boston Celtic ...View More

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