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Our Public School Put A Man With Fake Breasts In Our 10-Year-Old’s Classroom

Last Tuesday morning, a male substitute teacher, wearing what were likely prosthetic breasts under h ...View More

Simone Biles’s Race-Baiting Social Posts Are Ruining Innocent Lives In Ireland

Dublin’s Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena was abuzz with excitement as several hundred girls, boy ...View More

If The Pentagon Gets Away With Funding Abortion Without A Vote In Congress, It Won’t Stop There

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is standing firm in his determination to stop Defense Department travel subsid ...View More

What Socrates Would Say About Whether To Wear A Mask

The rumors are rampant that masks are back in fashion this fall. It’s vital to ask why people seek c ...View More

Here Are The 7 Best One-Liners From Trump’s Michigan Speech

While Republican presidential candidates prepped to criticize each other on the Ronald Reagan Presid ...View More

Hunter Biden Email Discussing $5 Million Payment From Burisma Corroborates FD-1023

An email apparently sent by Hunter Biden to longtime business associate Devon Archer discusses a $5  ...View More

Hunter Biden Described Client As China’s ‘Chief Of Intelligence,’ New Text Shows

Hunter Biden described one of his Chinese business associates as the “chief of intelligence” of Chin ...View More

Explosive Documents Show DOJ Official Prohibited Agents From Mentioning Joe Biden In Warrant

Documents just released by the House Ways and Means Committee reveal that Delaware Assistant U.S. At ...View More

Hunter Texted James Biden About Shopping Out The Biden ‘Brand,’ The ‘Family’s Only Asset’

Vice President Joe Biden was the one and “only asset” of the Biden family “brand” Hunter Biden sold  ...View More

Hunter Biden Signed 2016 Letter To Ukrainian Prosecutor Complaining About Investigation Into Burisma

Hunter Biden was a signatory to a 2016 letter from Burisma demanding Ukraine’s top prosecutor back o ...View More

West Virginia’s Top Election Official Demands Congress Give DHS An Ultimatum: Fire 2020 Election Meddlers Or No Funding

West Virginia’s top election official is demanding House Republicans withhold funding from the Depar ...View More

N.Y. Judge Cherry-Picks Lowball Mar-a-Lago Appraisal To Find Trump Guilty Of Inflating Property Values

In a sweeping ruling on Tuesday that hinders former President Donald Trump’s ability to do business  ...View More

‘No Evidence’ Of Joe Biden Being Involved In The Family Business Keeps Piling Up

Joe Biden defenders have been on a wild ride this past year. It began with them arguing that the pre ...View More

J6 Prosecutor Charged In Road Rage Stabbing Incident

A former federal prosecutor of defendants involved in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, now faces vi ...View More

Wire Transfers From Chinese Oligarchs To Hunter Biden Listed Joe Biden’s Home Address

In the summer of 2019, Hunter Biden received two wire transfers from Chinese business partners — wir ...View More

Conservative Group Applies Pressure To ASU Over Illegal DEI Trainings, ‘Just the tip of the Iceberg’

Recent investigations conducted by the Goldwater Institute revealed how mandatory DEI trainings mand ...View More

CIA Recruited Fauci To ‘Influence’ Covid Origins Investigation Off The Books, Says House Subcommittee

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) brought in Dr. Anthony Fauci “without a record of entry” to “i ...View More

Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Diversity’ Rebrand Is Unrecognizable And Out Of Touch

In 2019, women’s lingerie company Victoria’s Secret announced they would be ending their annual fash ...View More

Regime Attacks On Russell Brand Are A Proxy To Fight Free Speech Rumble

The widespread cancellation of Russell Brand following allegations made by mostly anonymous sources  ...View More

Democrats Ignored Bob Menendez’s Corruption Until He Was No Longer Useful

“Will Senate Dems turn on Bob Menendez?” That question served as the title of Tuesday morning’s edit ...View More

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