For quite a while it has seemed like we are stuck in a time loop determined to repeat the 1960s, wit ...View More

Loose Ends (196)

• John Yoo, currently back over in Italy—again—for yet another academic junket, passes along the fol ...View More

Confession: First Step to Redemption

Is the notoriously left-wing BBC finally getting religion? The Telegraph reports:The BBC chairman ye ...View More

Ramirez: “A deafening silence”

Michael Ramirez’s daily editorial cartoon of this past Friday (below) comments on the pathetic respo ...View More

Inside the red ripple

Dave Seminara’s Spectator column (behind the Spectator paywall) looks on the upside of the downside  ...View More

Sunday morning coming down

I saw three shows over the past week. Last weekend I saw the Belfast Cowboys, a 20-year-old Minneapo ...View More

Trump Is Finished

I have been saying for some time that Donald Trump is an anvil around the neck of the Republican Par ...View More

Elon Is Catching On

I was initially skeptical of Elon Musk. After all, he has never been, or claimed to be, a conservati ...View More

The Daily Chart: Dang-Nabbit!

I can’t really vouch for this “fever” chart format, because I don’t have the raw data. But it kind o ...View More

Podcast: The 3WHH on the Crisis of Our Time

This really should be a Two Whisky Happy Hour this week as the whisky bar is short one bartender. Jo ...View More

Out On a Limb

Joe Biden tried to make political hay out of the Kanye West/Donald Trump fiasco by denouncing Hitler ...View More

The Daily Chart: Climate Deaths?

I know we have previously shared data on the sharp downward trend in climate-related deaths over the ...View More

Reparations Time?

If you squint closely enough, you can detect Gavin Newsom edging ever so slightly to the right in pr ...View More

My unpaid sick day

I need to take an unpaid sick day or two to recover from the nasty flu virus that has descended upon ...View More

Ye, We Knew Ye Too Well

I didn’t pay close attention to the controversy over Kanye West’s apparently anti-Semitic comments o ...View More

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