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Chilling News: NASA Finds 2023 Arctic Sea Ice 6th Lowest on Record

This map, based on satellite data, shows the sea ice concentration on September 19, 2023. This is li ...View More

Brrr-eaking Milestones: Antarctic Sea Ice Sees Record Low Growth

Map of the Antarctic sea ice extent on September 10, 2023.Satellite data shows that Antarctic sea ic ...View More

Solar’s Slim Solution: The Rise of High-Efficiency Thin Silicon Cells

A new study has significantly increased the efficiency of thin c-Si solar cells, potentially leading ...View More

Chi-Nu Experiment’s Final Insights: Pioneering Data for Nuclear Security & Reactor Design

Jaime Gomez (left) and Keegan Kelly work to set up the Chi-Nu experiment, calibrating detector dista ...View More

Deep Brain Stimulation: The New Frontier in Tracking Depression Recovery

Two DBS leads implanted into the subcallosal cingulate cortex, with nerve fibers extending into othe ...View More

Patagonian Majesty: Ice Fields, Glacier Milk, and Rising Seas

This Copernicus Sentinel-2 image showcases glaciers and lakes of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field b ...View More

New Cholesterol Drugs Could Harm Lungs, Warns Groundbreaking Global Study

A recent study, analyzing genetic data from 340,000 UK Biobank participants, has found that PCSK9 in ...View More

Walking Wonders: Neuron Regeneration Breakthroughs in Spinal Cord Injuries

Whole spinal cord visualization of regenerating projections from the lower thoracic spinal cord that ...View More

Landmark CERN Experiment Reveals: If You Dropped Antimatter, Would It Fall Down or Up?

This graphic shows antihydrogen atoms falling and annihilating inside a magnetic trap, part of the A ...View More

New Harvard Research Reveals How the Heart Starts Beating

Researchers discovered that heart cells begin to beat suddenly and simultaneously as calcium levels  ...View More

Supermassive Black Hole’s Spin Verified – Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity Shines

Schematic representation of the tilted accretion disk model. The black hole spin axis is assumed to  ...View More

Why Does Skin Get “Leathery” After Too Much Sun? New Research Sheds Light

A recent study reveals that ultraviolet radiation alters the microstructure of human skin, particula ...View More

Era of “Global Boiling” – Global Surface Temperature Data Shows 2023 on Track To Be Hottest Year Ever

2023 is set to break global temperature records, emphasized by António Guterres’ term “global boilin ...View More

Cold Gas Thrusters Heat Up: NASA’s Psyche Mission Launch Pushed Back

NASA’s Psyche mission to a distant metal asteroid will carry a revolutionary Deep Space Optical Comm ...View More

New Biosensors Allow Earbuds To Record Brain Activity and Exercise Levels

The screen-printed, flexible sensors are attached to the earbuds on a flexible, stamp-like surface.  ...View More

Scientists Develop Incredibly Lightweight Material 4 Times Stronger Than Steel

Researchers have created a novel material by coating DNA with a pure form of glass, resulting in a s ...View More

Memory Block: How Saturated Fats May Hinder Memory Formation in the Aging Brain

A new study suggests that a high-fat diet may impair memory by causing inflammatory effects and issu ...View More

The Origin of Cultural Learning: New Research Uncovers Why Babies Imitate

New research demonstrates that children’s ability to imitate stems from being imitated by their care ...View More

“Something No One Has Done Before” – Novel Bacterial Proteins From Seafloor Shed New Light on Climate and Astrobiology

Methane clathrate (white, ice-like material) under a rock from the seafloor of the northern Gulf of  ...View More

1000x More Precise: Breakthrough for Next Generation Atomic Clocks

An artist’s rendition of the scandium nuclear clock: scientists used the X-ray pulses of the Europea ...View More

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