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Washington State Considers Privacy for Sex Offenders

(The Center Square) – Earlier this year, a decision to house convicted sex offenders in cities such  ...View More

Josh Hammer: The Missed GOP Debate Opportunity

Wednesday’s second Republican presidential primary debate bore a striking similarity to the first de ...View More

David Harsanyi: ‘No Evidence’ of Joe Biden Being Involved in the Family Business Keeps Piling Up

Joe Biden defenders have been on a wild ride this past year. It began with them arguing that the pre ...View More

Michael Barone: The Problems With Net Zero

Net zero is in trouble. In utterly predictable trouble, in the king’s-wearing-no-clothes trouble.The ...View More

Judge Andrew Napolitano: When the State Punishes Thoughts

Four members of the Proud Boys were recently convicted of sedition in federal court in Washington, D ...View More

Veronique de Rugy: Solving America’s Housing Woes or Making Them Worse?

America needs more housing. Pressure for reform is only growing as available homes get less and less ...View More

Corn, Soybeans and Tobacco Harvest is Looking Good in North Carolina

  Autumn begins Saturday, and regional projections requested by The Center Square from the stat ...View More

Climate Change Weekly #484: Climate Change and Texas’ Electric Power Problems


Florida, Physicians Push Back on COVID Shot Approvals

Growing concerns about the federal government’s COVID-19 shot approvals, policies, and pressure tact ...View More

Report: U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Industry Made Accelerated Progress in Emissions Reductions

By Bethany Blankley(The Center Square) – The U.S. oil and natural gas industry has made “accelerated ...View More

Life, Liberty, Property #33: Latest Plan for Federal Overspending Stalls

Life, Liberty, Property #33: latest plan for federal overspending stalls in Congress as fiscal year- ...View More

Commentary: Warm-Mongers vs. Classical Liberals

By Robert Bradley, Jr.The Great Climate Alarm is in its 36th year, dating from a page-one featu ...View More

Texas Two-Step in Dallas: Property Tax Relief but Excessive Spending (Opinion)

If you live in Texas, then your property taxes are skyrocketing. This has made housing less afforda ...View More

Commentary: President Biden’s Offshore Wind Policies Make National Lobster Day a Day to Mourn

National Lobster Day was established by Congress to celebrate the tasty crustacean’s place in A ...View More

Star Parker: Our New Black Republican Leaders

Recently I wrote about Mesha Mainor, who represents a deep blue district in Atlanta in the Georgia s ...View More

John Stossel: The ‘Don’t Hire Women’ Act

Having a baby? There’s a new law meant for you: the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.America needs this ...View More

Betsy McCaughey: Biden Is a Threat to Democracy

President Joe Biden is pitching himself as the savior of democracy. “I will always defend, protect,  ...View More

Colorado College Offers ‘Safe Haven’ for Students to Flee Anti-DEI States

In keeping with its mission to advance “anti-racism,” a school in Colorado has developed a novel tra ...View More

CDC, FDA Push New COVID Booster

As the virus that causes COVID-19 continues to mutate,  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  ...View More

European Professor Gets Heat for Mixing Climate Activism with Academia, but Doing So is Encouraged in the U.S.

Niels Debonne, a member of the Dutch chapter of the Scientist Rebellion campaign group and assistant ...View More

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