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Watch George Santos’ Reaction As Brian Kilmeade Reads a List of All His Criminal Charges

During an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, the recently ejected Rep. George Santos stared va ...View More

Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticizes Fellow Republicans in Interview with Tucker Carlson

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia expressed her frustrations with fellow Republica ...View More

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Issues Dire Warning About Economy

Robert Kiyosaki, the co-founder of Rich Dad Company and renowned for predicting the Lehman Brothers’ ...View More

Tucker Carlson Reveals What Led To Him Becoming An ‘Active Trump Supporter’

Former Fox News host and media maverick Tucker Carlson recently disclosed the pivotal moment that tr ...View More

Young Chiefs Fan, Dad Respond After Reporter Publicly Accuses Him of Wearing ‘Blackface’

A young boy was harshly and publicly criticized for “wearing blackface” and disrespecting Native Ame ...View More

Surprise! Young Chiefs Fan Targeted By Deadspin’s Phony Blackface Hoax Is Native American

In yet another kick in the crotch to the credibility of America’s corrupt media, it’s now been confi ...View More

Longtime ‘Shark Tank’ Star Mark Cuban Announces He’s Leaving The Show

This past week, Billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced that he will soon exit t ...View More

Trump, Ramaswamy Campaigns Fire Back at Mitt Romney After He Says He Would Vote for Anyone but Them in 2024

Many conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, have called senator and former presiden ...View More

The Atlantic Attempts to Explain Why Americans Aren’t Happy With Biden’s Economy

The Atlantic recently published an article titled “Why Americans Hate a Good Economy,” delving into  ...View More

Watch: News Anchor Spars With Red Cross Spokesperson Over Hostages: ‘I Just Don’t Understand That’

A heated exchange occurred on Friday between an i24News anchor and a spokesperson for the Internatio ...View More

Landlord Reveals ‘Filthy’ Discovery From Squatters Before Kicking Them Out

Leka Devatha, a Seattle property landlord, gave an interview to Fox News Digital on Wednesday about  ...View More

Susan Sarandon Dropped by Hollywood Agency After Controversial Comments About Jewish Americans

Susan Sarandon, an Academy Award-winning actress, was dropped as a client of the United Talent Agenc ...View More

Kamala Harris Reacts to Rough Biden Polls: ‘We’re Going To Have To Earn Our Reelect’

During a Monday interview on CNN, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked to comment on her perceptio ...View More

Rage Over Charissa Thompson’s Fabrications Should Extend To All Corporate Media Liars

When sports commentator and pregame show host Charissa Thompson admitted last week that she fabricat ...View More

David Horowitz Group Cuts Ties With Candace Owens Over Her Israel Stance

Lines are being drawn in the ongoing feud between notable Daily Wire personalities Candace Owens and ...View More

Washington Post Reinvents Its Biden Family Corruption Standard To Cover For The ‘Big Guy’

The Washington Post established itself as the premier public relations partner for the Biden family  ...View More

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi Shows Why ‘Professional’ Journalism Can’t Be Salvaged

Corporate media have gotten every single major story of the last decade wrong, in big and little way ...View More

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